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Public Health Preparedness

New Public Health Response Plans


Public Health Preparedness is being ready for a disaster, or emergency. It is necessary to plan how to respond to various events and to regularly practice those plans. A well thought-out plan can be used in events, such as:

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A good emergency preparedness plan can be used in almost any situation.

Public Health Preparedness is accomplished at the Athens City-County Health Department through the Public Health Infrastructure Program funded by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to address bioterrorism, terrorism, unintentional, or naturally occurring events that result in public health threats or emergencies. The Athens City-County Health Department is working to:

  • To develop and maintain public health emergency capacity.
  • To develop effective plans and resources during emergencies to protect the community.
  • To coordinate with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to develop a plan to provide mass prophylaxis and treatment to all people in the county.
  • To develop the capacity to rapidly identify diseases and initiate prevention and control activities.
  • To develop effective, secure communication infrastructure for rapid communication among public health and its partners.
  • To develop the capacity to effectively communicate health/risk information to the public and key partners.
  • To develop a public health workforce (including volunteers).
  • To better prepare the community for an emergency.

Even a small amount of preparation before an emergency can make a huge difference. Being prepared saves lives.

That is why the Athens City-County Health Department is doing its part. We are creating plans, practicing them, and conducting training to better protect the residents of Athens County.

Are you prepared?

We all have a role in emergency preparedness! Every citizen can do something to help make our families and communities safer, stronger, and better prepared. Emergency preparedness must be the priority of every citizen for preventing and handling threats of terrorism, crime, and natural disasters. The threats of terrorism and bioterrorism have posed greater challenges for the Athens City-County Health Department. Necessary steps are being taken to prepare and appropriately respond to emergencies.

It is important for everyone to do whatever they can to protect themselves and their families in an emergency. This website has been created to inform you of the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. Being prepared prevents injuries and saves lives.

Volunteers make a difference!

Athens County has recognized the need for volunteer assistance in the event of an emergency. If you can help during an emergency, please call (740) 592-4431.

We are your partner in good health